The Earthling Co. Shampoo Bar

Introducing the Earthling Co. a brand that’s changing the game in hair care with its Marshmallow Root Shampoo Bar for Hair Health. The Earthling committed to making high-quality products with all-natural ingredients that deliver results and reduce your carbon footprint.

The bar contains Marshmallow Root, an ingredient that locks in moisture during washing, makes your strands feel thicker and contributes to overall hair volume. The formula also includes vitamin B5, which restores shine and luster in dull hair while improving hair strength.

Most Helpful 5* Review

I have thin, fine hair and have always dreamed of growing it long. But I couldn’t because it would get stringy and oily the longer it grew. I also had to wash my hair daily…With the use of your shampoo and conditioner bars as well as dry shampoo my hair is healthy, strong and mid way down my back! And…I don’t have to wash my hair everyday! I love how healthy and clean my hair has been since starting using. If I could change one thing…I would have started using decades ago!

Real The Earthling Co. customer (source: The Earthling Co. website).

Most Helpful 1* Review

Size was much smaller than I expected. Did not feel like it did a very good job on my hair. Really did not like the smell. After a couple attempts I gave it to my mom to try.

Real The Earthling Co. customer (source: The Earthling Co. website).
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