Kitsch Castor Oil Nourishing Shampoo Bar

Meet Kitsch, a brand that believes sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive. Kitsch believes in the power of natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices. Their Castor Oil shampoo bar harnesses the time-tested benefits of Castor Oil for promoting hair hydration and calming the scalp.

Most Helpful 5* Review

My daughter had been using this product with very good results. She can go oily at the scalp and this has really helped her. I have curly hair and I can be dry at the scalp so I took the hair type quiz to see what is a good fit for me and I have been extremely impressed. My scalp has been nearly flake free! Definitely buying again.

Real Kitsch customer (source: Kitsch website).

Most Helpful 1* Review

This left my hair coarse and dry with absolutely no movement or shine. If anything it made my hair fall worse. It left a lot of product behind so there was a lot of build up. Shame as I was really excited to try these. I’m not taking pictures of before & after because I am so depressed with how my hair looks.

Real Kitsch customer (source: Kitsch website).
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