The Hair Revitalizing Complex

This hair supplement takes a unique, multi-pronged approach to combating hair loss and promoting healthy growth and texture by helping your body routinely clean cellular waste from each individual hair follicle while enhancing blood circulation to efficiently deliver oxygen and nourishment to the roots of each of your hair follicles.

The bio-optimized ingredients also help reduce the follicle’s absorption of excess DHT – a hormone known to cause hair loss or thinning when it builds up.

Contains natural ingredients Moringa Leaf Powder, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Bamboo Resin Powder and Saw Palmetto.

Based on public reviews, customers have reported visible hair growth, healthier-looking hair, and drastically reduced shedding.

When we tried the product ourselves, we also experienced a noticeable increase in hair growth, together with a reduction in hair breakage after brushing.